Create magic in your relationship through Tantric rituals

Guided Tantric rituals for couples with Heidi Loeppky of Shamaya Tantra

Want to create a truly unique experience for you and your partner? Heidi can guide you both through unique Tantric rituals to experience even deeper connection together. These rituals can be designed with your experience in mind. Whether you're an open minded couple new to Tantra (or perhaps even unfamiliar with it), or are well on your Tantric path together, Heidi can accommodate you. In this practice, you will learn how to see the divine in each other. You will embody the Tantric archetypes of Shiva and Shakti. Once you've connected to this divinity, you will learn how to truly worship all that is beautiful in each other, and receive worship yourself. By bringing intention to every touch, every glance, every word, you'll slow down time and truly connect on a very deep level.

A sacred space for you and your loved one

So how, does this all work? First you will create a divinely prepared temple space in the comfort of your own home. This can take whatever form you like, and Heidi can provide some guidance on how to create a place where the magic can thrive. From there, Heidi will lead you through a sacred ritual designed with your outcomes and pleasures in mind. Rituals can take the form of...

  1. Eating rituals - truly experiencing the joy of eating together

  2. Rituals based on the senses - all five of them!

  3. Embodying new roles in your connection

While rituals with Heidi are fully clothed and contain no explicit sexual touch, the excitement does not have to stop there. You will receive instructions on how to continue the ritual at home to experience sacred union in the bedroom whenever you desire!

Book a Session

Session length and rates can be discussed with Heidi. To book a session or for more information, please contact Heidi via email or via Facebook or book below: