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Shamaya Tantra is the practice of Heidi Loeppky, based in Edmonton, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Remote coaching available.


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Relationship is the lynchpin of existence. Our personality is defined by relating to others. Only when we relate do we discover who we are; how we react, what make us angry and what pleases us.

Tantra takes a microscope to our style of relating and prescribes techniques based on a 3000 + year old set of tools to effectively position ourselves to receive the maximum out of life based on how we relate to it. One of the offerings of Tantra is to help you transform whatever you’re already doing into an effective spiritual practice by examining the WAY you relate.

Heidi Loepkky of Shamaya Tantra provides Tantric coaching for singles and couples

Tantra-based Coaching

For singles and couples

Tantra is a path of self exploration. Heidi offers coaching programs for individuals and couples, grounded in Tantric principles. If you're feeling stuck in yourself or your relationship, or want to explore how Tantra can be a portal to your true self or a better sex life, working with Heidi might be the right fit for you! 

Heidi offers an alternative to traditional counselling and coaching. This is a fun, safe place for guided self-exploration and healing. You could even learn how to incorporate Tantric rituals into your partnership! Interested? Learn more below.


About Heidi 

My name is Heidi Loeppky. Welcome to Shamaya Tantra!

Every morning what gets me out of bed is being able to share the spoils of my journey with YOU.  To introduce you to entire worlds inside of yourself. So that you can walk out your door and into your bedroom with the air of royalty. So that you may connect, thrive, evolve and love exquisitely.



Shamaya Tantra is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

While I do travel throughout the winter and offer remote sessions, the Edmonton area is Shamaya Tantra's home for most of the year. To stay updated on events in the area, join the Edmonton Tantra Community Facebook group. This group is a great place for discussion and learning.

Alternatively, you can join my mailing list to stay informed about upcoming events and promotions. You can join this list below.