Tantra is a way of relating with life

One of the offerings of Tantra is to help you transform whatever you’re already doing into an effective spiritual practice by examining the WAY you relate.

Tantra is a self-exploration that leads to an understanding of the world.  It often starts with body practices, getting in touch with the senses and subtle body.  Once the perceptions are heightened, Tantric symbology is used to cut through the conditioned mind and touch the inner knowing of the Self.  Everything in existence, seen and unseen is meditated upon. For those aspects that elude the 5 senses, Tantra uses deities to personify and anthropomorphise, so that that practitioner can experience the subtle realms.  Tantra is for the kinesthetic and the curious. Everything is explored, nothing is off-limits (including sexuality and shadows).


Tantra is a love story between subject and object

A unification of spirit and matter. It uses paradox to nudge the mind into wider perspectives. Some beloved tools in Tantra include breathwork, body meditations, visualization, mantra, sacred geometry, yoga, partner meditation, vocal expression and dyad.

Tantra is a continuum

At one end there are one-day workshops to learn about the subtle body, the 7 types of orgasm and self-sovereignty.  On the other end, Tantra is a spiritual worldview – and the doctoral thesis of some of the world’s brightest scholars.  In the background of the entire continuum – and accessible at any point -  Tantra is a direct experience of the highest possible states of human consciousness.

Shamaya Tantra embraces the entire spectrum of Tantra

Each point along the continuum is cherished and offered to the student at the right moment in their journey.