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Tantric Date Night, for Couples - Week 1

Thursday evenings from May 17 to June 7, 6:30 to 8:30 at Spirit Path Studio

When something is truly important we make it into a ritual. Every day you brush your teeth, you clean yourself, maintain your health and prepare for a successful day.

In what ways do you do this for your relationship? Do you set aside sacred time for it?  Is it getting the attention it deserves? Are you honoring this holy connection by cleaning it, maintaining it, and preparing it for success?

Tantric Date Nights are a concentrated form of relationship nourishment. You can keep on being superman or superwoman in the world and prioritize your sacred connection. Simply carve out a weekly two-hour period to water your relationship and see what grows.

How would your relationship change with 4 magical nights of Tantric connection?

In the weekly rituals you will have the chance to focus on each other, in a safe and sacred space. You will move through each experience as a couple, while receiving the benefits of sharing space and conversation with couples on a similar journey.

Each night is different. Through the 4 weeks you will experience Tantric techniques for couples, (including juicy exercises to take home!), beautiful rituals, and Tantric relationship tools.

You might find that slowing down and spending some quality time together to play and explore becomes the highlight of your week!

Tantric Dates nights are designed to:

  • Show you how to see your partner in a fresh new way
  • Bring up surprise and spontaneity
  • Allow you to simply be and play with each other
  • Deepen authentic communication
  • Give you tools for navigating emotional landmines
  • Highlight the best parts of your partner
  • Give you Tantric exercises to try at home
  • Intoxicate you with love for each other

Tantric Date nights are for energetic, relationship and spiritual exploration, they do not include any nudity or explicit touch.


Investment: $367.50 per couple for all four weeks.
Drop ins for each week may be available at $100 per couple.

To register for the entire four-week series, visit Spirit Path Studio via the link below. Scroll to the bottom, find Tantric Date Nights, and go through the registration process.

To register for this individual workshop alone, please email Candace at Spirit Path Studio to set up payment.