A concentrated form of relationship nourishment

When something is truly important we make it into a ritual.  Every day you brush your teeth, you clean yourself, maintain your health and prepare for a successful day.

In what ways do you do this for your relationship? Do you set aside sacred time for it?  Is it getting the attention it deserves? Do you demonstrate your commitment by regularly prioritizing and showing up fully for each other?

Tantric Date Nights are a concentrated form of relationship nourishment. You can keep on being superman or superwoman in the world AND prioritize your sacred connection. Simply carve out a weekly two-hour period to water your relationship and see what grows.

How would your relationship change with 4 magical nights of Tantric connection?

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will have the opportunity to focus on each other, in a safe and sacred space – no outside noise from life. You will experience Tantric techniques for couples, (including juicy exercises to take home!), beautiful rituals, and Tantric relationship tools. You will move through each experience as a couple, while receiving the benefits of sharing space and conversation with like-minded couples on a similar journey.

You might even find that slowing down and spending some quality time together to play and explore becomes the highlight of your week!

Tantric Dates nights are designed to:

  • Show you how to see your partner in a fresh new way

  • Bring surprise and spontaneity into your relationship

  • Allow you to simply be and play with each other

  • Deepen authentic communication

  • Give you tools for navigating emotional landmines

  • Highlight the best parts of your partner

  • Give you Tantric exercises to try at home

  • Intoxicate you with love for each other

Tantric Date nights are for energetic, relationship and spiritual exploration, they do not include any nudity or explicit touch.

Each date begins with a connection exercise to come into sync with your partner before you embark upon the night's adventures :)

Date 1- You’ll get an overview of the Relationship Map and through guided meditation, discussion and role play, gain insights on where you are on the matrix at any given time and strategies to move to where you want to go. For the second half of the evening, you’ll be guided through a Tantric exercise to get a first-hand experience of the Dance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

Date 2 - You will explore how you naturally give and receive and see which side you are most comfortable in. You will be guided through dyad exercises including communication, touch and energy exchange to experiment with how it feels to be on both side of the giving/receiving equation. Next you will be guided through a beautiful Shiva/Shakti Adoration Ritual. You will leave this Date with an understanding of the gifts inherent in both the emissive and receptive energies. You will take home action steps to maintain balance and tools to connect with your partner in new ways through giving and receiving.

Have you met your partner’s inner child? Do you appreciate the positive aspects of their inner child? What would it feel like to meet in a space where to do- lists, responsibilities and decisions felt worlds away? What spontaneity and passion is hiding beneath layers of life-stuff accumulation?

Date 3 - This night is a like a treasure hunt to find the light and playful side of your relationship. Through accessing the spontaneity and wonder of your inner child, you will gain an introduction to the Tantric principle of “Spanda” – the subtle universal pulse of pure creation. This night weaves Tantric philosophy into experiential games, leading edge relational psychology tools , and psycho-somatic body exercises to lead you into a fresh new world of ease, joy and appreciation for each other.

Imagine going back in time to the land of priest and priestess. In ancient ritual temples, they adorned one another with holy water and rose petals. Cherished, Honoured, living as King and Queen. Through each other’s’ eyes they saw the form of the divine. Through their union they reached deep states of meditation and ecstasy.

Date 4 – This night is something very special, you will enter a divinely prepared temple space and be guided through a Tantric Ritual. You will get your own taste for what it is like to play priest and priestess. Later, you will receive instructions on how to continue the ritual at home to experience sacred union in the bedroom.

Note: schedule is subject to change depending on what most serves the group and the moment

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