Start your Tantric path with a mix of intention, information, and magic!

Shamaya Tantra offers two introductory workshops. These workshops are perfect for those new to Tantra, or those looking for a refresher before diving into the Living Tantra Workshop Series. 


Tantra 101 for Individuals

Tantra 101: The Science of Life and Love, is a five-hour introduction to Tantra. This workshop is a potent combination of theory and experience and provides a sturdy foundation for those wishing to take this practice further. If you are interested in learning spiritually based Tantra and deepening your relationship with yourself and others this is the right workshop for you. 


Tantra 101 for Couples

In this safe, fun, and nurturing environment, you will learn how to become aware of energy and chakras, communicate on new levels (beyond verbal and physical), make meditation easy and fun using your senses, create connection and intimacy in your relationships, and enhance your ability to receive pleasure. This is a shorter, three-hour workshop.

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