Learn to weave Tantric practices into your life and relationships

The Living Tantra Workshop Series is a three-part progressive series of four-to-six week workshops. These workshops are designed to help you...

  • Heal your relationship with the masculine/feminine

  • Practice conducting your own sexual energy

  • Learn to connect beyond sexuality

  • Strengthen your communication and boundary setting

  • Increase the authenticity and fluidity of your relationships

  • Tune yourself to perceive joy in the mundane

  • Reconnect with dormant aspects of your life force

All Shamaya Tantra workshops are safe environments where boundaries and consent are discussed and respected. There is no sexual touch in the workshops. All workshops are open to singles and couples alike. 


Level I:
Exploring Tantra

A four-week workshops series

Exploring Tantra is the first level of the Living Tantra Program. The full program is a step-by-step progression designed to help you evolve from a Tantra-curious explorer into a walking embodiment of Tantra.

Tantra can be intimidating – often times it is presented as overly sex-centric or too complicated to import into day to day things. The purpose of Exploring Tantra is to infuse the teachings into the everyday fabric of your life so that your spiritual practice merges with your “real world” activities.

A Tantra 101 workshop is a prerequisite for Exploring Tantra. Learn more here.


Level II:
Living Tantra

A six-week workshop series

In this 6 week journey you will dive into what it means to live and breathe Tantra. Along with the rest of your group, You will deepen your understanding through feeling, doing, and using others as our mirror.

"Sexual energy is feared for its wildness but those who learn to hold it in the palm of their hand become maestros of the glittering symphony of human potential."

You must complete Exploring Tantra to take Living Tantra.


Level III:
Embodying Tantra

A six-week workshop series

Embodying Tantra introduces new methods and meditations for using our bodies, minds, and energies to take us more deeply into ourselves and our power. Embodying Tantra will help you integrate Tantra into your life more fully, supporting you to bring it those around you and to create community. 

You must completed both Exploring Tantra and Living Tantra to take Embodying Tantra.

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