Heidi Loeppky offers individual coaching through Shamaya Tantra.

Feeling disconnected from your body or sexuality? Or perhaps you feel like there's something blocking you from reaching your potential or getting what you want out of life. Individual coaching with Heidi might be the right fit.

Discovering the real "you"

If you've tried other counselling or coaching and haven't found what you're looking for, you'll be happy to hear that Heidi's approach is different. She offers a more embodied approach to healing, and creates a safe space for guided self exploration. You'll explore Tantra from the perspective of integrating conflicting aspects of the self into a unified whole, and discovering a "you" that is true to your divine nature.

By working with Heidi, you'll learn to experience your chakras and how they're used in Tantric practices. In fact, this can be a gateway to creating your own Tantra practice in your everyday life! You'll also discover your shadow aspects (repressed parts of your personality), how to reframe them as gifts, and how to integrate them instead of repressing them. Most of all,  Heidi creates a safe container for you to do so; based on being relational, respecting boundaries, and open communication.

The best kind of homework

Since working with Heidi is all about integrating what you discover into your own life, you'll be given plenty of take-home practices. This is all about creating a new way of showing up in the world, and undoing the patterns that keep us stuck in old thoughts and ways of being. Through this work, you'll develop the tools and techniques to do that. This is truly transformative coaching.

Some people have concerns as to what Tantra is, there are a couple of paths to follow. Heidi practices White Tantra which is a change in mindset for most people. It’s helped me to slowly start to find inner peace. I would recommend giving Heidi a try, she is very knowledgeable and patient.

Book a Session

Session length and rates can be discussed with Heidi. To book a session or for more information, please contact Heidi via email or via Facebook or book a discovery call below.