Upcoming Events


Shamaya Tantra's Events

In addition to one-time events, Shamaya Tantra hosts several recurring events throughout the year.
Learn more about these events and discover a new world of connection and self-discovery through Tantra. Click each image for more info.

Living Tantra Series

Three levels of four-to-six week workshops, designed to bring you into greater connection with yourself and others and help develop your own Tantric practice.

Tantric Date Nights

A concentrated form of relationship nourishment for couples. This four-week (or drop-in) workshop offers Tantric techniques for couples, beautiful rituals, and Tantric relationship tools.

Canadian Tantra Festival

Shamaya Tantra is the organizer and founder of the Canadian Tantra Festival. Plans are underway for 2020! Click the image to go to the festival website.

Tantra 101

Two workshops that introduce concepts like polarity and the chakra system. This is a great way to dive into Tantra, and is a prerequisite for the Living Tantra Series.

Tantric Speed Dating

The original Tantric Speed Dating! A unique approach to dating that cuts straight to what matters: making meaningful connections with people who see us for who we truly are.

Even More Events

Shamaya Tantra's events and facilitation are not limited to the above. You'll also find Heidi giving talks on polarity, offering workshops at festivals, facilitating Tantric rituals and more. These events will appear in the events calendar above.