About Heidi

Hey you,

My name is Heidi Loeppky.

Believe it or not, little Heidi used to think she was an alien dropped off on this planet in some insensitive social experiment.  You might know exactly what I’m talking about. I couldn’t understand how to connect in a way that was satisfying, how to feel like I really belonged in the space I was taking up, how to finally feel “safe”.

How to find my niche, how to make sure this world didn’t screw me around?  It would take a lot of hard work.

Like you, I am a total self-improvement junkie. Failure was not an option. I had to live up to my potential, and so I threw my heart and soul into owning it in the best way I knew how – the corporate world.

I was good at my job, men respected me.  On the weekends my friends and I would go out and joke that we could out-man our boyfriends.

But in the darkness of my bedroom, my own energy scared me, it was chaotic, brought out my neurosis.  I was afraid to open the lid for fear that it would spring off into space, dragging me behind.

But when you’re a seeker, as you and I, the elation of boardroom victories and perfectly executed seductions is fast wilted by the whispers at the back of our minds that insist: “There must be more”.

I found more in Tantra, and I’m here to share it with you.


Sexual energy is the greatest renewable resource

I can teach you how sexual energy speaks in many languages and patterns and how we can learn to decode them and use them to power all aspects of our life.


The dynamics of masculine and feminine energies are universal building blocks

Fortunately I was taking notes the whole time I stumbled and bumbled through this one.


Your ability to connect will determine your ultimate success in every area of life

My mission is to do this at an Olympian level – let me show you everything I know

Every morning what gets me out of bed is being able to share the spoils of my journey with YOU.  To introduce you to entire worlds inside of yourself.  So that you can walk out your door and into your bedroom with the air of royalty. So that you may connect, thrive, evolve and love exquisitely.

What workshop participants are saying about Heidi:

“The connections and bonds that I was able to create with people I thought of as strangers was a really, really amazing experience!”~Dallas

“The space that Heidi creates is so unbelievably comfortable and warm. I’ve been able to step outside myself and into totally foreign areas without feeling any apprehension at all”.~Tara

“Heidi’s teachings felt authentic and genuine and it allowed me to go deeper into the experience.  It felt good, through and through” ~Matthew


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